A Little More About Me

My name is Karina and I am a Multidisciplinary Designer, with a main focus on UX Design and Web Design. I am passionate about crafting seamless user experiences and captivating graphics. With a background in Advertising, I've honed my understanding of human behavior, adept at translating insights into impactful designs. Seeking to expand my skill sets, I pursued UI Design through CareerFoundry, solidifying my expertise in UX/UI and Product Design. Now fully immersed in this dynamic field with both large and small company experience under my belt, I am dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that cater to both the user and brand.

Outside of pixels and prototypes, you can find me with charcoal in hand, sketching portraits, roaming New York City in search of hidden gems, or cuddling with my cat, Hiccups (yes that's his name).

I'm on the lookout for new opportunities to collaborate and innovate, so if you're interested in working together, let's chat!

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